Why doesn’t the “exercise ring” on my Apple Watch update when I edit a manual entry in the Cubii app?

If you edit the strides or resistance of a workout entry in the Cubii app, then those updates will be sent to the Apple Health app, which then sends those same updates to Apple Watch.  

These changes are reflected in the following fields in the Apple Health app: 

  • Steps 
  • Active Energy  
  • Walking + Running Distance 

On your Apple Watch, the “Move” ring and Workouts section will be updated accordingly. 

If you edit a workout entry in the Cubii app by increasing the duration, then those additional minutes will be sent to both the Apple Health app and the Apple Watch. In this scenario, the “Exercise” ring on your watch will likewise be updated. 

However, Apple does NOT permit Cubii to edit the “Exercise Minutes” in the Apple Health app or Apple Watch. Cubii cannot change when those “Exercise Minutes” occurred nor delete any of those calculated minutes. The “Exercise Minutes” stat is calculated by your iPhone directly and prevents the Cubii app from making any changes, which means the “Exercise” ring on your watch will not update. 

Fortunately, there is a workaround for both scenarios. 

Scenario 1: You change the start time of your workout in the Cubii app. This results in your "Exercise Minutes” being added to the Apple Health app and Apple Watch twice. In this scenario, you can go into the Apple Health app and manually delete the specific minutes that were calculated by your iPhone for the original workout.  

Scenario 2: You reduce the duration of a workout in the Cubii app. This results in the Apple Health app and Apple Watch “Exercise” ring being inflated. 

For either scenario, you can manually delete “Exercise Minutes” in the Apple Health app, which will also update your Apple Watch. First, open your Apple Health app and then follow the screenshot instructions below:

1. Click "Show All Data" 



2.  Select “Show All Data” 


3.  Select the day when the original exercise workout entry occurred 


4.  Delete each “Exercise Minute” that is no longer valid due to the start time change by swiping left and clicking Delete. Alternatively, you can select the Delete All option if all “Exercise Minutes” are applicable. 


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