How can I submit a Return Request?

Note: Cubii is not responsible for the reimbursement of shipping costs for returns that were completed without our knowledge.  Please follow the instructions below for returns:  

If you are within your 30-day return period (effective from the date of delivery), and would like to initiate a return, you can receive a return label by locating your order tracking email or go to to locate your order information, and you can request a return label. If all the required information is correct, your return label will be generated. 





You can also submit a return request by filling out this form, chatting in, or calling 844-282-4401. Please have the following information available. We will need it to process your return request: 

  • Where you purchased your Cubii 
    [Note: If purchased through a third-party retailer (i.e. QVC or TSC), please contact them directly regarding your return, as we will not be able to refund your order.] 
  • Order number
  • Full name on the order
  • Please confirm the address the Cubii return will be coming from
  • Reason for return
  • How many boxes did your order arrive in, so that we can send the correct amount of labels?
  • The serial number for your Cubii
    • Located underneath your unit or on one of the narrow sides of the original box it was shipped in.
    • It will have this format: F3Ax-xxx(x)-xxxx(x).
    • If you need help locating your serial number, please click here ​or view the pictures below:​​

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