How do I use my Cubii JR1 LCD Monitor?

Once you start pedaling, the monitor will turn on.  The silver button selects which metric you want to see.  Click the silver button until the black arrow points toward the statistic you wish to view::

  • STRD = Strides taken
  • TIME = Time spent (minutes : hours)
  • CAL = Calories burnt
  • DIST = Distance traveled (in miles or km)
  • RPM = Revolutions per minute
  • SCAN = Selecting SCAN will allow your monitor to automatically cycle through the different metrics

To reset your monitor, simply press and hold the silver button for 5-6 seconds until the screen flashes '8's' and then zeros out.

To switch from miles to kilometers, hold the silver button down for approximately 6 seconds until the indicator letter in the upper right-hand corner switches from an 'M' to a 'K'. Please see photograph below for reference. 





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