Why are steps on my Fitbit not equal to my Cubii steps?

According to our software developers, the reason why steps do not appear to be the same on your Fitbit is because Fitbit has their own formula for calculating the number of "steps". They base it off of distance traveled and calories burned, whereas our formula calculates the number of strides based on the actual distance of the stride.

When Cubii stats are sent to the Fitbit, they show up as "walk" (all Cubii app information does not transfer to the Fitbit app, as this would mess with Fitbit's algorithm), then Fitbit applies their formula to calculate the steps into the Fitbit app. The data is shown in the Fitbit app under Exercise and is sent to the Fitbit app at roughly 10 minute intervals. Unfortunately, since we are not affiliated with Fitbit, we do not have access to their application software, so it is impossible to make our apps integrate perfectly.

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