The micro USB port broke off my unit. What can I do?

Under normal conditions and proper usage, the Micro USB port should not break off.  If you find the Micro USB port broken, please contact with the following information so that we can assist you further.  Please be very specific so that we can offer a solution quickly.

  • Can you please send some photos, so that we can better diagnose?
  • How long have you been using the Cubii?
  • How did the issue occur?
  • Order number
  • Full name on the order 
  • Shipping address on order and current shipping address (if different)
  • What color is your Cubii?
  • The serial number for your Cubii can be found:

  • located underneath your unit or on one of the narrow sides of the original box it was shipped in.
  • Will begin with the letter F, followed by a series of numbers and dashes. Examples are shown below:

Please view the photos below:



You can also watch this helpful tutorial video for assistance:

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