Cubii App: Manually entering data for JR1 and Cubii Go

If you have a Cubii JR1 or Cubii Go, you can track your progress by manually entering your data into the Cubii app.  Please follow the steps below:

Note: You cannot currently edit information once entered, so please make sure your data input is accurate before saving.

Note: You cannot enter information for a future date. For example, if you start a 30 minute workout at 8AM and attempt to record the data at 8:29AM, you will get an error message. Please double check the time selection to ensure that it is reflecting the proper start and end time, paying special attention to the AM and PM selections. 

1) From the Home tab mceclip0.png, scroll down to where it says 'Connect your Cubii'​

2) Select 'Non-Bluetooth Device', then click 'Next'

3) Select your Cubii model, then click 'Next' 

4) You may rename your Cubii if you like. Then click 'Done' and save your changes. You will be automatically taken back to the Home tab again

5) Once you complete a workout, you will manually enter your data by tapping the + sign. Remember to zero out your monitor before you start your workout to get accurate data.

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